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Defense Technology Planning

Defense Technology Planning

It is an activity to examine the key technologies required in our military future weapons systems, analyze the current level of technology and capabilities, and present strategies and methods to gain the necessary skills.

What We Do?

■ Defense Technology Strategy

Based on the environment of future wars and the prediction of the development of scientific technologies, we systematically categorize the technologies and analyze the trends in domestic and overseas technology development, analyze trends in development, and set the foundation for future defense R&D development strategies.

■ Defense Technology Analysis

It supports the creation of action plans for the Ministry of National Defense, Science and Technology's development of roadmap for defense technology.

■ Defense Technology Assessment

Through the Defense Acquisition Program Administration and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we conduct the defense improvement project by evaluating the proposal and performance results of the respective military projects, evaluating the trade-offs, evaluating the technical values, analyzing the analysis of the defense market information, and supporting the calculation of contract costs.

■ Gather and provide information on the import and export price of military supplies

We collect and analyze import and export price information for military products and contribute to the efficient execution of the defense budget by making fair and reasonable price decisions on overseas purchases.
we also contribute to improving the export competitiveness of the defense industry by surveying and analyzing global defense market information and providing it to defense contractors and related agencies.

■ Collection and distribution of military and scientific information

It collects information on defense science and technology scattered across various national and private organizations in one place and provides it over the Internet and national defense networks.
The relevant information can be found on the ' DTiMS ' online portal, the hub for the Defense Science and Technology Information.

■ the incubation of defense ventures

We operate nine defense venture centers in cooperation with local governments by supporting them in exploration of tasks, technical support, and marketing so that they can participate in the defense market.