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Defense Quality Management

Defense Quality Management

Activities to determine compliance with the conditions required by the users for military supplies procurement and to determine and manage standards for responsible management and resource management in order to ensure quality.

Military supplies quality management activities

The Agency for Defense Technology and Quality oversees the quality of military products throughout the entire period ranging from the R&D phase of their production and development to the operations of mass production and field operations.

During the R&D phase, we will participate in design review to collect quality information, present opinions on the quality from the perspective of mass production, and conduct activities to prevent risk factors during mass production in advance.

the mass production phase is the time for full-fledged quality control activities. the quality management office has set up regional professional centers in six locations nationwide to carry out quality management activities close to the production sites.

during the operational phase, in which military supplies are used in field operations, large numbers of support activities are carried out to ease inconveniences and improve the quality of the soldiers. we also installed a reliability test center to carry out a reliability analysis on stored munitions.

Quality management target

The quality control of military supplies is focused on the 'Central Procurement Item used in combat or related to safety.' This includes most of the weapons systems and electrical support systems that are contracted through the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, ranging from combat uniforms to advanced missiles to fighter jets.

We also have international quality assurance agreements with foreign countries, and manage the quality of our exports of munitions on behalf of importers. Other items requested by government agencies, research institutes and businesses are also supported by the company.

Quality management procedures

During the pre-production phase, we review contracts and technical data to identify and assess risk factors before they are produced.

during the production phase, we perform quality management system assessments, product checks and audits, and corrective actions on munitions manufacturers, and we also conduct research to improve the quality.

■ certification for the defense quality management system

It is an activity to assess whether the military contractor establishes, implements, and maintains the quality management system in accordance with the Guidelines for Certification of the National Defense Quality Management System (KDS 0050-9000), and to grant certification to qualified companies.

■ dq mark certification

This is an activity to enhance export competitiveness by validating the quality of military products for Korean companies with superior technological capabilities.

■ local production of parts

It supports the development and production of imported parts used in military supplies into domestic technologies and facilities. Through these efforts, we create economic effects such as fostering small businesses, creating jobs, and saving foreign currency.

Regional Weapon Systems Centers

The Agency for Defense Technology provides on-site assistance to defense industries through regional centers specializing in weapons systems in seven locations nationwide.